About Metadynamics

Situated in Olifantsfontein, Gauteng, Metadynamics has been servicing the needs of both local and international customers for 30 years. From humble beginnings, Metadynamics has grown rapidly to become an industry leader in crushing, milling and blending of industrial minerals. The wide range of products produced include both organic and inorganic materials. Metadynamic's quality-control laboratory ensures strict management of product standards and compliance with customer requirements. Products are available in 25/40 kg bags, 1-ton sling bags and bulk tankers.

Metadynamics places a high value on research and development, resulting in the continuous improvement of its products and customer service.

The ongoing allocation of resources to training and equipment for R&D has led to a number of exciting new developments. As Metadynamics continues to focus on its core values, we look forward to satisfactorily meeting stakeholder's requirements for the next 30 years.


The OMV Group currently employs 266 staff with revenues in excess of R 250 million per year resulting from annual production of Gypsum products in excess of 600 000 tons, aggregates in excess of 300 000 tons, and approximately 36 000-ton speciality milled and blended products of limestone, attapulgite, bentonite and gypsum anhydrite.

Social Responsibility

The OMV Group is also active in various Social projects, like a Soup kitchen feeding 1000 people per week, 4 primary school bursaries, 4 tertiary educational bursaries per year and 2 internal learner ships per year, primary financial support to a local school, financial support to a local orphanage, post graduate University sponsorships, and support to local community projects.
Formulations of speciality gypsum based products and plasters are marketed through Metadynamics.

Company Profile